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Collegial & Clinical Affiliations

The New York College is committed to developing collegial and clinical relations with colleges, universities and medical institutions throughout the New York area.

Current affiliations include:

  • The Bellevue Hospital Center
  • Beth Israel Medical Center
  • The Brooklyn Hospital Center
  • Flushing Hospital
  • Long Island Jewish/North Shore Health Systems
  • Nassau Community College

As New York College moves forward on its mission, it is no longer an outsider in the medical community. Hospitals, colleges and supporters that recognize that this institution is destined to become the undisputed leader in Complementary and Alternative Medicine are working with us.

To ensure the most comprehensive educational experience for our students and prepare them for their careers in Complementary Medicine, the College is pioneering programs with prestigious medical institutions such as Bellevue Hospital and Long Island Jewish/ North Shore Hospital Center. These programs cover in-patient and outpatient care and hospital staff development.

The College also has joint ventured with the New York State Nurses Association to both promote and market mutual programs. New York State Nurses Association is the largest professional association of nurses in NY state.

New York College has provider status with the Alabama State Nurses Association and can accredit its own continuing nursing education programs.

New York College's purchase of the International Medical Health Center in Luo Yang, China provides our students and faculty with the opportunity to visit China and immerse themselves in the culture and background of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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