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Presidents Welcome

imgI warmly welcome you to New York College of Health Professions, an institution dedicated to preparing professional leaders and practitioners in the field of Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine. With our Holistic Approach to education and clinical practice, we blend Eastern and Western therapies in prevention, healing and the promotion of wellness. New York College is committed to its students, its clinic patients and the general population through our unique and breakthrough technologies in Holistic Health. We are proud to be an educational center with national institutional accreditation dedicated to becoming the gold standard in our field.

The College’s own 35 acre facility in the People’s Republic of China, along with our relationships with Western hospitals, provide opportunities for our students, graduates and faculty to immerse themselves into all forms of medicine.

New York College’s Intellectual Properties portfolio has offered opportunities for the College to work with leading universities in the country. Technologies like Acupressure clothing, Contagion reduction using UV LEDs to disrupt the DNA of airborne pathogens, 3D printing for orthopedic inserts and a portable instant cast to immobilize injuries when and where they occur are on the forefront in our specialty and medicine in general.

Our College is expanding with 3 new locations in New York City and is developing new and broader courses for those interested in a variety of areas, while retaining our unique identity.

New York College has received major donations which allow it to maintain an extremely low tuition while preserving standards that let us to be one of the few institutions of our kind to have both institutional and programmatic accreditation. In fact, we are the only private non-profit institution of our kind in the metropolitan New York City area.

I hope that you will review our catalog and website, visit us on campus or in one of our New York City locations and join with us in helping the world solve its health problems through a Holistic Approach.

Lisa E. Pamintuan, JD

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