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You can find detailed information on the academic calendar years through the links below:



Fri. Jan.01,2021New Year’s Day/Closed
Mon. Jan.04,2021Spring Trimester Begins
Mon. Jan.11,2021Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. Jan.18,2021Martin Luther King Jr. Day/Closed
Mon. Feb.15,2021President’s Day/Closed
Mon. Mar.08,2021Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Mar.15,2021Summer Trimester Registration Begins 
Sat. Mar.27,2021Summer Trimester Registration Ends 
Fri. Apr.02,2021Good Friday/Closed
Sun. Apr.04,2021Easter Sunday/Closed
Mon. Apr.19,2021Spring Trimester Ends


Mon. May.03,2021Summer Trimester Begins
Mon. May.10,2021Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. May.31,2021Memorial Day/Closed
Mon. Jul.05,2021College Closed – July 4th Observance / Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Jul.12,2021Fall Trimester Registration Begins 
Sat. Jul.24,2021Fall Trimester Registration Ends 
Mon. Aug.16,2021Summer Trimester Ends

FALL 2021 Trimester:

Mon. Aug.30,2021Fall Trimester Begins
Mon. Sept.06, 2021Labor Day / Closed
Tues. Sept.7,2021Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. Oct.25,2021Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Nov.01,2021Spring Trimester Registration Begins
Sat. Nov.13,2021Spring Trimester Registration Ends
Thurs./Fri. Nov.25/26,2021Thanksgiving Holiday/Closed
Mon. Dec.13,2021Fall Trimester Ends
Fri./Sat. Dec.24/25,2021Christmas Holiday/Closed

SPRING 2022 Trimester:

Sat. Jan.01,2022New Year’s Day/Closed
Mon. Jan.03,2022Spring Trimester Begins
Mon. Jan.10,2022Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. Jan.17,2022Martin Luther King Jr. Day/Closed
Mon. Feb.28.2022President’s Day/Closed
Mon. Mar.07,2022Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Mar.14,2022Summer Trimester Registration Begins 
Sat. Mar.26,2022Summer Trimester Registration Ends 
Fri. Apr.15,2022Good Friday/Closed
Wed. Apr.18,2022Spring Trimester Ends

SUMMER 2022 Trimester:

Mon. May.02,2022Summer Trimester Begins
Mon. May.09,2022Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. May.30,2022Memorial Day/Closed
Mon. Jul.04,2022Independence Day/Closed
Tue. Jul.05,2022Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Jul.11,2022Fall Trimester Registration Begins 
Sat. Jul.23,2022Fall Trimester Registration Ends 
Mon. Aug.15,2022Summer Trimester Ends

FALL 2022 Trimester:

Mon. Aug.29,2022Fall Trimester Begins
Mon. Sept.5,2022Labor Day / Closed
Tues. Sept.6,2022Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. Oct.31,2022Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Nov.7,2022Spring Trimester Registration Begins
Sat. Nov.19,2022Spring Trimester Registration Ends
Thurs./Fri. Nov.24/25,2022Thanksgiving Holiday/Closed
Mon. Dec.12,2022Fall Trimester Ends
Sat./Sun. Dec.24/25,2022Christmas Holiday/Closed

SPRING 2023 Trimester:

Sun. Jan.01,2023New Year’s Day/Closed
Mon. Jan.02,2023Spring Trimester Begins
Mon. Jan.9,2023Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. Jan.16,2023Martin Luther King Jr. Day/Closed
Mon. Feb.20.2023President’s Day/Closed
Mon. Mar.06,2023Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Mar.13,2023Summer Trimester Registration Begins
Sat. Mar.25,2023Summer Trimester Registration Ends 
Fri. Apr.7,2023Good Friday / Closed
Sun. Apr.9,2023Easter Sunday / Closed
Mon. Apr.17,2023Spring Trimester Ends

SUMMER 2023 Trimester:

Mon. May.01,2023Summer Trimester Begins
Mon. May.08,2023Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. May.29,2023Memorial Day/Closed
Mon. Jul.03,2023Independence Day/Closed
Tue. Jul.04,2023Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Jul.10,2023Fall Trimester Registration Begins 
Sat. Jul.22,2023Fall Trimester Registration Ends 
Mon. Aug.14,2023Trimester Ends

FALL 2023 Trimester:

Mon. Aug.28,2023Fall Trimester Begins
Mon. Sept.4,2023Labor Day / Closed
Tues. Sept.5,2023Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. Oct.30,2023Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Nov.6,2023Spring Trimester Registration Begins
Sat. Nov.18,2023Spring Trimester Registration Ends
Thurs./Fri. Nov.23/24,2023Thanksgiving Holiday/Closed
Mon. Dec.11,2023Fall Trimester Ends
Sun./Mon. Dec.24/25,2023Christmas Holiday/Closed

SPRING 2024 Trimester:

Mon. Jan.01,2024New Year’s Day/Closed
Tues. Jan.02,2024Spring Trimester Begins
Tues. Jan.9,2024Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. Jan.15,2024Martin Luther King Jr. Day/Closed
Mon. Feb.19.2024President’s Day/Closed
Mon. Mar.04,2024Withdrawal Deadline
Mon. Mar.11,2024Summer Trimester Registration Begins
Sat. Mar.23,2024Summer Trimester Registration Ends 
Fri. Mar.29,2024Good Friday / Closed
Sun. Mar.31,2024Easter Sunday / Closed
Mon. Apr.15,2024Spring Trimester Ends

SUMMER 2024 Trimester:

Mon. Apr.29,2023Summer Trimester Begins
Mon. May.06,2023Add/Drop Deadline
Mon. May.27,2023Memorial Day/Closed
Mon. Jul.01,2023Withdrawal Deadline
Thur. Jul.04,2023Independence Day/Closed
Mon. Jul.08,2023Fall Trimester Registration Begins 
Sat. Jul.20,2023Fall Trimester Registration Ends 
Mon. Aug.12,2023Fall Trimester Ends