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The student of Holistic medicine joins the ranks of those practicing an ancient tradition. And, as complementary and alternative medicine continue to make tremendous inroads in Western society, the opportunities for Holistic practitioners are growing. Acupuncture, Oriental medicine, massage therapy, Holistic nursing and Oriental bodywork are some of the fastest growing professions in the health care field.

In today’s fragmented health care delivery system, truly knowing and understanding patients is too great a luxury for most conventional medical practitioners. As a result, health care consumers are turning to Holistic therapies for a more personalized approach to healing.

Graduates of our educational programs are prepared to meet the increasing demand for health care that not only cares for patients but teaches them how to stay healthy. Students learn to help patients integrate complementary medicine with their Western treatments and medications and choose from an array of minimally invasive therapies and to guide them in assuming responsibility for the care of their minds and bodies. They study how the human body functions as a whole within its given environment with the goal of helping people maintain the conditions associated with wellness.

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