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Holistic Nursing promotes healing of the whole person. It is based on the idea that human beings are energy fields in open communication with the energy of the environment. Holistic Nursing aims to restore the integrity of the human being by assessing and treating imbalances in the energy field.

Holistic Nursing with Asian Bodywork is a highly effective system of energetic and somatic manipulation utilized to balance the movement of energy within the body.

Holistic Nursing involves active participation in facilitating each patient to attain optimum level of health. It involves the development, implementation and evaluation of a plan of care using the principles of Holistic Nursing.

Nurses trained in Holistic practices and principles are ready to meet the growing demand for health care born of an integration between East and West art and science. Holistic Nurses are emerging as leaders in integrative healthcare roles as clinical practitioners, educators, wellness consultants and coordinators.

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