The Power Of An Onion: Can It Prevent The Flu?

Being that we are currently in the flu season, people are doing several seemingly quirky things to keep themselves healthy. One of those things may be leaving half a raw onion in a bowl near their bed or couch or even the kitchen. This is an old natural preventative method that may work on the theory that onions have been shown to attract sickness-causing bacteria and therefore, preventing them from entering the individual’s body. Another use of onions as well as garlic is using them in your cooking, especially in soups. People who consume garlic and onions on a regular basis have been shown to have a third of the colds than the individuals who do not. Herbal medicine is a more reliable treatment so consult with trained Herbalists or practitioners of Oriental medicine and have them customize an herbal tea just for you.


Earn a Degree in Acupuncture

A career in acupuncture is one that is fulfilling and rewarding. The following reasons will aid you in your decision to join the holistic health care field.

1. Choose a career that helps others naturally relieve their ailments and diseases. The positive impact that you are able to have on countless patients is a huge accomplishment within the world of an acupuncturist. Every day, you are given the tools to improve and impact a patient’s life and future.

2. Work for yourself. As a licensed acupuncturist, you are given the option to open your own small business or work for a larger company…the option is yours. This is a significant benefit in an ever-changing economy. The path of your career is strongly determined by your efforts when you work for yourself.

3. Whether you decide to work for yourself or for a larger company, your acupuncture degree is yours for a lifetime. If you decide to move, take time off, or make a major life change your acupuncture degree is yours for the future.  What does this mean for your career? No matter what path your life takes, you will have a degree that can be used to earn a living regardless of change.


As you consider a degree within the acupuncture field, choose a degree that will be invaluable in the upcoming years, a degree towards your future success.

Get Fit: A First Step in a Holistic Lifestyle

Exercise is a key component in your transition towards a holistic lifestyle. A holistic lifestyle is one that aims to achieve an inner balance of mind, body, and spirit, using natural healing methods. A great way to start this transition is through exercise. Exercising at least three times a week is a great method towards naturally improving your health.

Start with an exercise plan that fits your current health. In the early stages of an exercise plan, start with a long walk or a light jog or just walking up the stairs. As you continue with your exercise plan, add a run or a fun activity like rock climbing.

Your health is your future. As you take steps to take control of your future health, exercise is key. An additional suggestion is to schedule an appointment with a licensed acupuncturist. A licensed acupuncturist can continue your holistic health transition as he or she naturally treats the inner Qi of your body while relieving body aches and pain.


Your health is in your control. The steps that you take now to improve your health will determine your ability and frame of mind in the upcoming years.

Alter your attitude towards your health, and start an exercise plan today.