How to Market Yourself as A Licensed Massage Therapist

When you consider becoming a licensed massage therapist, how you will market yourself is probably not high on your priority list. However, as you get closer to becoming licensed and establishing a career as a massage therapist, you may realize how important it actually is.

Whether you are planning to work for an establishment such as a wellness spa or prefer to go out on your own, marketing yourself correctly will not only help you gain clients, but retain them as well.

Here are a few rules to marketing yourself successfully:

  1. Never stop marketing. If something you are doing consistently is not giving you results, tweak it or find another avenue.
  2. Your customers are local and they are looking for you online. When you are starting out, you are probably not going to be a nationwide franchise right away. So, focus on your audience in the area, many of whom are looking for a local massage therapist online. Be sure to build a website that represents you as a person and a professional.
  3. Network. The health care industry is a people business; therefore, it is important to let the people in your community know that you are here offering top-notch service. Engage in your community through events that can often be found on

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The Various Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects massage therapist employment growth of 20% between 2010 and 2020, offering licensed massage therapists a variety of employment opportunities.

One of the prominent reasons for this growth is that unlike some medical treatments, massage therapy can benefit anyone. Some individuals enjoy a regular massage to release the stress of their daily lives, while others have been introduced to massage therapy to manage their chronic pain. The multitude of benefits that massage therapy has to offer includes:


Stress relief – The manipulation of body tissues under the expert hands of massage therapists allows for the improvement of circulation. This further relaxes the muscles throughout the body and helps relieve stress. The relaxed state of the body can have a positive effect on the patient’s state of mind as well.


Improves Posture – Bad posture does not only look unappealing but can cause a variety of issues in the body. The most prominent issue is that some muscles are forced to work harder, cramp and as a result, the body feels more stress. Circulation can also be hindered by bad posture, which can cause certain parts of the body to become numb and not receive the proper nutrients.  When a body is in the slouching position, the weight is pressed on your internal organs, which can cause problems with digestion and breathing. By relaxing the muscles and the mind, massage therapy can help improve posture and relieve the body of unnecessary stress.


Boosts the Immune System- Not only can massage therapy help reduce stress but it can also naturally boost your immune system. By releasing toxins from the muscles and improving circulation, massage therapy is also able to improve the individual’s immune system. A strong immune system will help your body fight off malicious bacteria and infections.

The Importance of Clinical Education for Massage Therapy Students

Clinical education, such as the one required at New York College, is becoming increasingly important for Massage Therapy students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of massage therapists is expected to grow by 20% from 2010 – 2020 due to continued demand. As the demand for licensed professionals increases, employers are giving preference to well educated and well-trained massage therapists.