First Impressions in the Health Care Field

As a trained health care professional, the first impression you make with a new client is one of the most important aspects of your appointment. During your initial moments with your patient, it is important to gain your patient’s trust by making them feel relaxed. Patients are often nervous about their appointment with a new therapist and making your client feel comfortable is the first step in a successful patient visit.

Building an initial trust and dialogue with your patient will lead to a stronger relationship for the future. Providing your client with the sense that you are caring and knowledgeable will put them at ease, allowing them to trust you during their appointment.

Start off your appointment right, with a handshake, smile, and a few friendly words of greeting. Be sure to let the patient explain why they are there, and you should explain your plan for the course of treatment. All of these will give your patient the level of comfort that is sure make them return for a second visit. 

Building successful client relationships is the first step in laying down the foundation for your career for years to come.

To find out more about our treatment plans offered to patients, please visit New York College’s Teaching Clinics. New York College of Health Professions has been a leader in the holistic healthcare field for more than thirty years. Visit our Facebook page to hear what other patients are saying about us!

Pregnancy Massage

Women often face various discomforts during their pregnancy. What better way to treat yourself than to receive a beneficial and relaxing treatment at the spa. New York City moms-to-be are joining the holistic health care movement in a search for relief from back pain, discomfort, and the aches commonly felt during pregnancy months.

While you prepare for the arrival of your baby, a calm, soothing environment of a spa is exactly what you need.


Many spas offer treatment plans specifically geared towards moms-to-be. Pregnancy massage is a natural healing method used to alleviate pain, improve your circulation, and relax strained muscles. This therapeutic technique offers the relief that you need during the stages of your pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is not only physically beneficial, but it also can reduce the stress and emotional anxiety that is felt during pregnancy. Treat yourself to the benefits of a natural healing method, a pregnancy massage!

To learn more about pregnancy massages, visit New York College of Health Professions. Their holistic health care clinic offers pregnancy massages at affordable rates. Call today to schedule an appointment and learn how to manage and relieve your pregnancy aches!

A Career in Massage Therapy

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or are looking to go back to school to earn your degree later in life, a career in massage therapy might be the fit for you. As a licensed professional in the health care field, massage therapists are given the freedom to form their own business, make their own schedule, and work in different environments.

Determine Your Own Success and Career Direction. Work for Yourself.

A career in massage therapy provides you with the freedom to determine your own success. Looking for an additional source of income for you or your family? As an independent contractor, massage therapists have the luxury of determining their hourly rate as well as how often they choose to work. A career in massage therapy gives you full control over your career and how much income you make. Thousands of massage therapists are successful in their starting their private practice as well as working with spas and clinics, and you too can take part in this growing holistic healthcare movement.

Create your own schedule. Work Part-time or Full-Time.

Looking to work part-time, only on the weekends, or everyday? As a massage therapist professional, you can schedule your appointments as you see fit, during the week or weekends, whichever is best for you. As a licensed health practitioner, massage therapists have the luxury and freedom of scheduling their own time. Appointments are scheduled according to your availability and schedule. Often times, massage therapists are able to maintain a career as either a part-time or full-time position. This flexibility gives you the freedom to determine your own hourly rate as well as the days you work, again, leaving success in your control.

Various Work Environments.

A career in massage therapy also offers the benefit of working in different work environments. Depending on your stage of life, massage therapy has the work environment fit for you. Whether your preference is to work at a spa, hospital, gym, or even a cruise ship, the choice is up to you. Many massage therapists begin their career in one environment, but move to another. An accredited degree in Massage Therapy gives you the flexibility to adjust your career to your personalized situation. As your life changes, you too can adjust your work and career.

To find out more about massage therapy programs and how to earn a massage therapy degree and get licensed, please visit New York College’s School of Massage Therapy. New York College of Health Professions offers an accredited Associate degree program to students looking to start a career as a professional massage therapist. It has been a leader in this field for more than thirty years. Visit our Facebook page to hear what other students are saying about us!