Understanding the Homeodynamic Model

            The Homeodynamic Model is a fundamental principle of #Holistic medicine. Rather than the common belief that optimum wellness is the absence of disease, the homeodynamic model believes that in order in achieve wellness there must be a dynamic state of balance in the body’s living energy system.

            This principle establishes the relationship of the body’s internal energy to its overall health and wellness. The human body is in a constant dialogue with its living energy system as it strives to obtain the perfect balance that is necessary for good health. The homeodynamic modal is a common assessment tool used by holistic health care professionals to teach patients the dynamics of their internal energy system.

True healing focuses not just on the treatment of symptoms, but on the underlying root causes of imbalance and disease.

            Understanding the interaction between an individual and their environment helps patients to discover what factors promote optimum health and wellness in their life. Harmony in these interactions reflects a state of wellness, while disharmony and imbalance results in disease. There are several major sources of imbalance, as shown in the Homeodynamic Model.

By understanding the causes of disharmony in the body’s internal energy system, patients are able to make the necessary changes to restore harmony, balance and ultimately good health. According to the homeodynamic model, true healing is not achieved by the treatment of symptoms, but rather is achieved when the underlying causes of imbalance and disease are treated, resulting in optimum wellness.

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            If you have decided to quit smoking for good, it is time to develop a treatment plan that can help break your smoking habit.

            Have you tried countless times to stop smoking, but have not been successful in your attempts? The physical addiction to nicotine is often one that is hard to quit. Thousands of Americans suffer on a daily basis from nicotine addiction and its consequences. The health risks associated with smoking include lung cancer, throat cancer, and pneumonia to name a few. Common health benefits that are experienced once you quit smoking include a longer life expectancy and a lower risk of cancer.

             There are various options available as you begin your research to quit smoking. Our holistic approach might just be the natural solution for you.  Thousands of patients are turning to a holistic health care plan to break their nicotine addiction through smoking education programs and acupuncture sessions.


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A Holistic Approach to Quit Smoking, Break Your Smoking Habit Today!

            Acupuncture is a natural treatment that has been used in recent years to help patients quit smoking. A combination of a smoking education course and acupuncture treatments have proved to be successful in quitting nicotine.

            We offer a two-hour cessation treatment program that includes an acupuncture session. Our program, called STOP SMOKING NOW has been developed by a team of trained holistic health care professionals to help patients stop smoking naturally. If necessary, follow up sessions are included at no additional cost.

            Our smoking education program along with acupuncture sessions by trained acupuncturists has helped thousands of patients naturally recover from nicotine addiction. To find out how you can stop smoking naturally, call or visit us today. Quitting smoking is the first step in getting your health back and feeling your best again. Visit us online to learn more about our STOP SMOKING NOW program.

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Join the field that US News and World Report recently ranked as one of the Best Jobs of 2012 – Massage Therapy! Are you interested in learning how to holistically treat patients to feel their best? Thousands of students are pursing a degree in massage therapy to enter or further their professional career.

As recent studies explore the health benefits associated with massage therapy, the profession is projected to continue to grow in the upcoming years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an employment growth of 20.1 percent between 2010 and 2020 for massage therapists. There are currently 153,700 jobs in the massage therapy field, and predictions expect over 30,000 more professionals to enter the field by 2020!

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If you are looking to naturally treat patients while being a respected health care professional, schedule an appointment to attend an open house and learn about how you can earn a degree and work towards a massage therapy license.

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