How to Begin the Transition to a Holistic Lifestyle

The following are some quick and easy tips to ease your way into a holistic lifestyle. A holistic lifestyle helps patients lead a healthier and happier life. Start feeling your best today with a transition to a holistic lifestyle.

1. Start your day with a healthy meal. A healthy meal includes ingredients that are nutritionally valuable. Choose ingredients that will give you energy throughout the rest of the day.

2. Exercise at least three times a week. Exercise is key as you start to take steps to start a healthy lifestyle.

3. Visit an herbalist to discuss a treatment plan to improve your overall health. After a proper nutritional plan and exercise routine is in place, consider a visit to an herbalist. An herbalist can access your overall health, and develop a natural treatment plan to help you feel your best and boost your immune system.

The goal of holistic health care is to maximize your health and wellness through natural treatment methods.

Start feeling your best through a holistic approach to your health.

A holistic lifestyle uses natural treatment methods to treat ailments and diseases. As recent studies continue to reveal, the healing power of holistic health care is endless.

New York College of Health Professions has a thirty-year history of providing holistic health and wellness education to the Metropolitan New York City area. The College is a not-for-profit institution with its main campus in Syosset, Long Island and three additional sites in New York City conveniently located uptown, downtown and in midtown.

The College offers institutionally accredited undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs in Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Herbal Medicine, and Certificate programs in Holistic Nursing for Registered Nurses and The Science of Self Improvement. For more information about New York College and how you can enter the growing field of holistic medicine as a licensed professional, log on to

Quick and Easy Tips for Relieving Stress

Relieve Stress in 1, 2, 3…

Lisa Pamintuan, President of the New York College of Health Professions, a leading institution in holistic health care and education, offers a series of holistic tips for dealing with stress.

1. Get a Massage. A massage provides patients with the necessary time and atmosphere to help clear your head. This time of relaxation is key as you de-stress and start bringing positive energy back into your life.

2. Time Out: Everyone needs time to take a moment to reflect on the day. Take at least five to ten minutes to sit in silence with yourself. We recommend taking this time at the very beginning or very end of your day.

At the beginning of the day, take time to focus on your goals for the day with a positive attitude. At the end of the day, take time to reflect on the accomplishments of the day while clearing your head for a new day. In both scenarios, focus on your breathing, carefully breathing in and out.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with our daily activities, stop, breathe, and take a time out!

3. Think positively. A positive approach to your day can help you in countless ways. When presented with an obstacle, breathe and think positively. This approach can save you unnecessary confrontation and wasted energy that a negative approach often takes.

The effects of stress are both physical and physiological. Try to pinpoint what is causing you to feel stressed, and take steps from there to form a positive resolution.

Say goodbye to stress today!

Get a massage, take five minutes for yourself, and think positively!


Holistic Health Care: The Health Movement of the Future

            Our Holistic Health Care Clinics are designed to help you achieve your healthiest level of wellness.  Through our approach of treating the “whole” person rather than certain symptoms or diseases, patients are taught to become active and responsible decision makers in regards to their lifestyle and their health. Our holistic approach provides a structure for our patients, helping and guiding them every step of the way.

            Are you ready to make a change towards feeling your best? Why not take on that change with a natural, holistic approach. Our team of skilled holistic health care professionals can provide you with the necessary tools to help you feel your best, and guide your everyday health decisions.


            Learn how to feel your BEST. A core principle of holistic health care is the belief that great health is not only the absence of disease, but rather it is a balance of your internal energy system that keeps you well. It is only when your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and attitudes on your wellness are evaluated that you can begin to find your inner balance.

            To find out more about the benefits of a holistic health care plan, please schedule an appointment to visit the New York College Holistic Health Care Clinics. Find out today how a trained holistic health care professional can help you achieve your optimum level of wellness through massage therapy, reflexology, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

            New York College of Health Professions is renowned for their holistic health and wellness clinics to the Metropolitan New York City area. For more information about holistic health care programs offered by the College and their multiple convenient locations, please log on to