Correct Posture for Driving

An average American spends approximately 3 hours a day driving. Considering this rather extensive amount of time, it is imperative that we keep our posture correct. Not only can a good driving position help prevent pains and a curved spine, but it has been shown to help prevent accidents.

Top 3 Reasons to Become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

All individuals starting a career in any field have strong personal reasons behind it that often drive them to succeed. Here are top 3 reasons that everyone can relate to:

  1. When you graduate, you have all the skills you need to succeed. Consider a graduate of a business school. What must they do prior to getting their dream job? Typically, they must spend years in the field gaining the proper experience. Licensed massage therapists, however, are required to endure extensive hands-on training before they can graduate. Therefore, they are prepared to get a job in their field as soon as they are licensed.
  2. LMT’s help people. Most individuals in the health care industry have an affinity for helping people in some way. Massage therapists not only help their patients medically, but they are often someone patients confide in. This makes them someone patients are happy to go see.
  3. Make your own hours. Whether you are working for an establishment or are your own boss, you can generally set your own hours, which allows you time to do all of the other things you love.

How to Market Yourself as A Licensed Massage Therapist

When you consider becoming a licensed massage therapist, how you will market yourself is probably not high on your priority list. However, as you get closer to becoming licensed and establishing a career as a massage therapist, you may realize how important it actually is.

Whether you are planning to work for an establishment such as a wellness spa or prefer to go out on your own, marketing yourself correctly will not only help you gain clients, but retain them as well.

Here are a few rules to marketing yourself successfully:

  1. Never stop marketing. If something you are doing consistently is not giving you results, tweak it or find another avenue.
  2. Your customers are local and they are looking for you online. When you are starting out, you are probably not going to be a nationwide franchise right away. So, focus on your audience in the area, many of whom are looking for a local massage therapist online. Be sure to build a website that represents you as a person and a professional.
  3. Network. The health care industry is a people business; therefore, it is important to let the people in your community know that you are here offering top-notch service. Engage in your community through events that can often be found on

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