My First Acupuncture Treatment


For years I’ve struggled with lower back pain. I tried every over-the-counter pain killer on the market. Nothing seemed to provide relief. It wasn’t until I began my career with New York College of Health Professions that I learned of Acupuncture as a treatment for back pain. Sure, I’ve heard of Acupuncture before, but never as an option for me. It took me about a month to come around to the idea, but after doing my research, I decided to give it a try.  I walked on over to the Academic Healthcare Clinic and scheduled an appointment.

I showed up to my appointment nervous and skeptical. The idea of having someone stick me with needles was not appealing. My hesitation quickly faded after entering the treatment room. My practitioner’s calm and professional demeanor allowed me to relax. After asking a series of intake questions, she began the treatment. I was surprised when I felt little to no pain when she inserted the needles. I felt more relaxed almost instantaneously. After positioning every needle, my practitioner left the room and allowed the needles to sit. I was so incredibly relaxed that I fell asleep. Upon waking, I felt so calm and at peace that I completely forgot about the back pain that I went to get treated!

Overall, my first treatment was a great success. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve been back 5 times since. What I learned is this- even if you are skeptical, give it a chance. It could provide relief for a problem western medicine has not been able to resolve. To schedule your first Acupuncture appointment, call our Syosset Clinic at 516-364-0808 or our Kips Bay Clinic at 212-213-8800.