Following A Diet v. Changing Your Lifestyle


Weight-loss is a major concern in the United States, a country with an “obesity epidemic”. Considering the “super-sized” portions of sugar-loaded sodas and fat-loaded burgers, it is easy to fall into the pattern of consuming processed foods. When the bikini season is near, however, and the extra pounds must go, most people turn to a diet – a short-term solution to a long-lasting problem.

New diets come out every season, promising followers to lose more weight in a shorter amount of time. Individuals desperate to lose the weight trust such diets with their bodies and ultimately, their health. However, diets are not the solution. Over 80% of dieters gain more weight back than they lost after discontinuing their diet. The reason is that diets don’t change habits, lifestyle changes do. Losing weight and keeping it off requires us to reprogram our brains.

We all love comfort foods – even the fitness models – but the decision not to eat them excessively is what makes the difference between being fit and overweight. It is important to make the decision to eat nutritiously and have portion control as well as exercise regularly. In some cases, seeking professional help can be the best option for individuals who succeed best if their results are being monitored by someone else. Licensed acupuncturist, for instance, may be able to help you break certain habits such as emotional attachment to food. In many cases, changing your lifestyle involves changing your routine. It may mean changing the method of transportation you use to get to work or even the people you interact with regularly. While it may be a tough experience, it is one that can help ensure that you maintain your weight and your health.

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