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Graduates of New York College of Health Professions may utilize the Office of Career Services, including accessing the 'On-line Job Registry', only after completing the on-line Career Services Registration Form and agreeing to both the 'Code of Professional Conduct' and 'Terms of Agreement' statements below.


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Code of Professional Conduct

All graduates contacting job leads must maintain the utmost of professionalism. This includes showing up for any and all interviews made with employers listed on the database. If, in case of emergency, one cannot make the appointment, the employer should be contacted immediately, not the Office of Career Services. All interviews require appropriate dress; this means business attire, not T-shirts, jeans, sweats or shorts. Be on time for your interviews, as you would want your clients to be on time for their appointments. Failure to follow these guidelines is identified as misuse of the Office of Career Services database. Graduates found misusing the database will not be allowed to continue to utilize Career Services website.

Terms of Agreement

New York College of Health Professions makes no representations or warranties with respect to the employers or prospective employers posting on this site. New York College has not investigated or researched any of the prospective employers and each student/graduate should use their own care and do their own due diligence with respect to any employment application or subsequent employment. New York College of Health Professions is not responsible for the actions of employers listed with the Office of Career Services.

I hereby agree to the following Terms of Agreement, in order to be eligible to access the ‘Job Registry’ on the New York College of Health Professions’ website:

  • I will follow the ‘Job Registry’ protocol established by the Office of Career Services on behalf of New York College of Health Professions.
  • I will maintain strict confidentiality, and safeguard from other persons, job listing information that I receive from the New York College of Health Professions’ website.
  • Should the Office of Career Services [College] determine that I have breached the Terms of Agreement, I may no longer have the opportunity or privilege of accessing the ‘Job Registry’ from that day forward or until the Office of Career Services [College] reaffirms my eligibility

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