Courses Of Study – Oriental Medicine Program (BPS/MS)

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Oriental Medicine Program (BPS/MS)

The Oriental Medicine program is a 185 credit, ten trimester program. Upon completion, graduates receive a Bachelor of Professional Studies/Master of Science degree in Health Science/Oriental Medicine. They are eligible to sit for the NCCAOM certification exams in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine which are recognized by New York State for licensure in Acupuncture.

Trimester I – 14 or 21 credits/255 or 375 Hours 
Surface Anatomy4
Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine2
Fundamental Theory of Oriental Medicine3
Channels & Points I4
Introduction to Physical Arts1
Anatomy & Physiology I (IF NECESSARY)(4)
Chemistry for the Health Sciences (IF NECESSARY)(3)
Trimester II – 19 or 23 credits/330 or 405 Hours
OM Diagnostic Methods3
Channels & Points II4
OM Pattern ID, Pathomechanisms & Treatment Principles I3
Chinese Materia Medica I3
Asian Bodywork I (Amma/Shiatsu/Tuina)2
Physical Arts I1
Anatomy & Physiology II (IF NECESSARY)(4)
Trimester III – 21 credits/375 Hours 
OM Pattern ID, Pathomechanisms & Treatment Principles II3
Pathophysiology I3
Channels & Points III4
OM Palpatory Assessment2
Chinese Materia Medica II3
Asian Bodywork (Amma/Shiatsu/Tui Na)2
Physical Arts II1
Trimester IV – 21 credits/390 Hours 
Western Nutrition3
Pathophysiology II3
TCM Internal Medicine I3
Acupuncture Techniques I2
Acupuncture Points Review2
Chinese Materia Medica III3
Introduction to Clinic2
Clinic Grand Rounds I2
Physical Arts III1
Trimester V – 20 credits/345 Hours 
TCM Internal Medicine II3
Medical Microbiology & Immunology3
Patient Assessment I4
Health Psychology3
Acupuncture Techniques II & New Methods2
Chinese Herbal Formulas I3
Clinic Grand Rounds II2
Trimester VI – 20 credits/390 Hours 
Patient Assessment II4
Medical Ethics2
Eastern Nutrition2
TCM Gynecology & Male Reproductive Disorders3
Clinical Skills Review1
Chinese Herbal Formulas II3
Clinic Assistantship3
Acupuncture Technique III (Microsystems)2
— Clinic Entrance Exam — 
Trimester VII – 17 credits/345 Hours 
Internal Medicine I3
Clinical Analysis & Case Histories I2
Chinese Herbal Formulas III3
Oriental Medicine Clinic I6
Trimester VIII – 20 credits/390 Hours 
Internal Medicine II3
Clinical Application of Herbs I3
Research Data & Methodology3
Shang Han Lun3
Oriental Medicine Clinic II6
Clinical Analysis & Case Histories II2
Trimester IX – 16 credits/330 Hours 
Practice Management2
Clinical Application of Herbs II3
Oriental Medicine Clinic III6
Clinical Analysis & Case Histories III2
Trimester X – 17 credits/345 
Clinical Application of Herbs III3
Pharmacognosy & Toxicology3
Oriental Medicine Clinic IV6
Clinical Analysis & Case Histories IV2
Wen Bing Xue3
— Clinic Exit Exam — 
Total credits185


The list of general electives covers a variety of subjects, giving students the opportunity to expand their knowledge in areas of interest. Students are responsible for signing up for elective courses as they choose, but must complete the required number of elective hours in their program prior to graduation.

Japanese Acupunctue Diagnosis (elective for OM only)2
Japanese Acupunctue Technique (elective for OM only)2
AC/OM Clinical Perceptorship2
Pharmacy Assistantship1
Herbal Preceptorship2
Patents Herbs3
Terminal Herbal Competency2
Clinical Nutrition I3
Clinical Nutrition II3
Western Herbs and Supplements2
Philosophy & History of Medicine2
TCM Classics3
Traumatology & Orthopedics3
Management & Prevention of Accidents3
TCM Rejuvenation3
Terminal Acupuncture Competency2