Job Title Adjunct Faculty

  /  Job Title Adjunct Faculty

Job Title: Adjunct Faculty


Department:     Graduate School of Oriental Medicine/School of Massage Therapy

Reports To:      Dean of Graduate School of Oriental Medicine/School of Massage Therapy 

FLSA Status:    Non-exempt

Qualifications:   Varies According to Discipline


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  (include the following but other duties may be assigned.)

This position requires classroom instruction in the assigned discipline. The ability to recognize and respond to the individual differences of students from a culturally diverse student population and a willingness to make students active partners in the teaching/learning process are also required.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities: (include, but are not limited to the following)

  • Is responsible to perform instructional duties as assigned by the Provost, Dean and Department Chair, and to pursue the improvement of the instructional program.
  • Is responsible to the appropriate Department Chair for effective classroom performance, including accurate completion and timely submission of final grades. Final grades must be submitted to the Registrar by the due date printed on the grade roll.
  • Reinforces writing skills throughout the curriculum by assigning written work (i.e., papers, essays, examinations, etc.) where appropriate.
  • Is responsible to the appropriate Department Chair for the continued development of his/her own scholarship.
  • Is responsible to meet classes on time and to be properly prepared, and to notify the appropriate Department Chair when ill or unable to meet such classes.
  • Is responsible for reviewing and updating course outlines and revisions to the appropriate Department Chair. These outlines are in accordance with the standards of the New York College of Health Professions.
  • Is responsible as a member of the New York College of Health Professions faculty and demonstrates professional behavior at all times, always maintaining high ethical and moral standards.
  • Is responsible for proper student conduct and behavior in the classroom and, at all other times, when professionally involved with students.
  • Is expected to consistently display professional behavior toward all students, colleagues, supervisors, and the College community at large.
  • Is responsible for such other tasks as may be assigned by supervisors.

Essential Physical Skills:

Varies According to Specific Discipline. New York Colege of Health Professions expects its employees to follow proper safety standards while emplyed by the college. 


Education and/or Experience:

  • NYS License in respective field
  • Terminal degree or equivalent in field
  • Three to five years clinical and/or teaching experience
  • Demonstrates record of academic and administrative leadership in higher education
  • Demonstrates superior clinical, educational, interpersonal, managerial and communication skills
  • Dedication to academic excellence



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