Job Title – Full Time Faculty

  /  Job Title – Full Time Faculty

Job Title: Full Time Faculty

Department: Graduate School of Oriental Medicine/School of Massage Therapy
Reports To: Dean, Graduate School of Oriental Medicine/School of Massage Therapy
FLSA Status: Exempt


Full-time faculty is required to be on campus a minimum of four days per week (preferably five) and are to
maintain a thirty five-hour workweek. A minimum of twenty-seven of those hours are designated as contact
hours. Contact hours are defined as teaching, clinic supervision or treating hours. A typical (although not
definitive) breakdown of these thirty-five hours would be as follows, however allocation of these hours
may be changed at the discretion of the Dean:

1. Teaching = 12-15 hours per week
2. Clinic supervision = 9 hours per week
3. Treating in Integrative Health Center = 9 hours per week
4. Departmental administration/office hours = 5-20 hours per week

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: (include the following but other duties may be assigned.)
1. Provides Administrative Support to the Dean:

  • Attends all weekly Departmental meetings which would be pertinent to their respective Department or job description
  • Attendance at Midterm and End-of-Term meetings
  • Shares in the responsibility of preparing of reports/materials submitted for accreditation, where it applies to their classes

2. Coordinates all coursework relative to the classes they teach:

  • Oversees all course content of classes that they teach
  • Responsible for syllabus accuracy & content review
  • Responsible for reviewing books that are required/recommended for the classes that pertain to them
  • Responsible to submit syllabi revisions, course content changes and book changes to the Chair of their Department
  • Present material to students in organized, clear, professional and engaging manner
  • Motivate students in the learning process
  • Submit copies of midterm and final exams with answer keys to Department Chair
  • Submit midterm/incident reports when appropriate

3. Clinic Supervision (if applicable):

  • Provide appropriate and effective education of student interns
  • Provide efficient, caring and effective service to patients
  • Ensure smooth operation of clinic facility
  • Ensure that clinic manual policies and procedures are strictly adhered to by self, other faculty and students
  • Evaluate and assess student interns
  • Monitor attendance and behavior of student interns
  • Maintain and secure accurate and complete clinic record
  • Monitoring of clinic supplies and reporting this information to Clinic Coordinator or Clinic Director
  • Participate in the development, promotion and expansion of student clinic

4. Supports Clinic Entrance/Comprehensive Exam Process:

  • Provides relevant input into the development of parts of the Clinic Entrance/Comprehensive Exam that
    pertain to their respective classes
  • Submit test questions with answer keys and any other material that can be used in the development of the Clinic Entrance/Comprehensive Exam 8/2005
  • Required to share in the responsibility of test question selection, proctoring and/or grading of the Clinic
    Entrance/Comprehensive Exams

5. Student Advisement:

  • Shares role in the proper advisement of new and existing students
  • May be asked to evaluate transcripts of students for waivers where appropriate
  • Required to maintain student office hours to assist students with advisement or other related questions

6. Treating in Integrative Health Center (if applicable):

  • Must be available to treat patients in IHC
  • Provide current NYS license in respective field
  • Provide copy of current malpractice policy
  • Strictly adhere to policies and procedures of IHC
  • Provide caring, effective treatment of patients
  • Participate in the development, promotion and expansion of the IHC

7. Miscellaneous administrative work:

  • May be required to attend open houses or other College functions to promote institution
  • May be required to participate in various committee work/special projects for College

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Non Applicable

Required Qualifications:

  • Full-time faculty must have higher education and clinical experience and detailed knowledge of relevant
    coursework in the curriculum. They must be able to demonstrate working knowledge of planning and
    managing skills. They should be knowledgeable of methods of evaluation. They should have strong
    communication skills and be able to effectively advise and mentor students.

Education and/or Experience:

  • NYS License in respective field
  • Terminal degree or equivalent in field
  • Three to five years clinical and/or teaching experience
  • Demonstrates record of academic and administrative leadership in higher education
  • Demonstrates superior clinical, educational, interpersonal, managerial and communication skills
  • Dedication to academic excellence

Language Skills:

  • Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals. Ability to effectively present
    information and respond to questions from groups of students, faculty, administration, patients,
    professional contacts, and the general public.

Computer Skills:

  • Basic computer operation skills
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Proficient with email, email attachments, downloading and uploading documents



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