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How to use the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

The online catalog is used to find out what materials are available in the NY College of Health Professions Steve Kaufman Library. The Catalog can be used remotely from home by logging on to the following address:


A user can browse for items on the catalog by

Author, title, subject, or keywords:


Enter the search term, keyword or information that you have into the search for box.

Click Search. A listing of materials relative to the search method used will be generated.

The Visual Navigator option has the library materials categorized into subjects. This is useful to use when a user is browsing for material in a general matter.

In Advanced Search a user can search for an item using specific information about the material (i.e. barcode, ISBN, call number and MARC field).


Keep an eye out on the New Materials list that is constantly being updated with new materials that are added to the library collection.

Library News will provide useful library information on the library that users may need to know.

Patron Library Account

College students, faculty, staff with a valid ID of the school can log in to create and keep a library account.

To log on to the account the user types in their patron ID and password.


A student is now able to reserve materials and their book bag content for a later time.

To create a password, please contact the library staff.


A patron can change their password once they are logged in.

The patron record includes materials on loan, fines and reservations. Any questions, comments please don’t hesitate to ask the library staff. (516) 364-0989 ext. 127 or 215