Library Policies

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(*Please Note: “Use” does not necessarily indicate borrowing privileges!)
(Please see Circulation Rules.)

  1. Students (both registered and continuing education).
  2. Clinic Patients.
  3. All manner of NY College Staff.
  4. All level of Faculty (Guest Lecturers; Adjunct, Associate, and Full Professors).
  5. Visiting Faculty & Students from other academic institutions.
  6. Local Residents.

1. Reserve Books are available for in-library use only, for a period of 2 hours. They must be checked out prior to use. When circulating and / or faculty copies are no longer available and a professor wishes to use a reserve or reference copy for an in -class presentation, they may have permission to do so, provided that there is at least one other copy available for student use.

2. Anatomical Models are treated in the same manner as Reserve Books. They must be checked out prior to use, and may only be used in the library. Professors may borrow models for in-class presentations, even if it is the only model of its kind. However – it must be checked out prior to removal from the library, and, they must returned promptly after class.

3. CD-and-DVD ROMS, Lecture Series DVDs, VHS tapes, and all other media are available for both home and library use. They must be checked out prior to being used in the library and / or prior to removal from the library . Headphones are available for all student computers and DVD viewing software is installed on each machine. A TV/VCR is available in the tutoring room for viewing VHS tapes.

4. Fines on books are .25 cents per day. Fines for audiovisual materials (CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes are $2.00 per day.

5. Holds and Renewals: Materials may be renewed twice, in person or by phone, but NOT by voicemail or email. Holds may be requested in person, by phone, or by email. Items on hold will be held for 3 days. If they are collected, they will be returned to the stacks, or checked out to the next person who requests it.

6. Loan periods for continuing education students, alumni, and clinic patients are shorter than those for registered students, staff and faculty. Always check to make sure the loan period is correct!

7. Magazines and Periodicals DO NOT CIRCULATE. They are available for library use only.

8. All borrowers MUST BE REGISTERED in Surpass, the Library Circulation Software. Borrowing privileges may be viewed or edited in Surpass, Circulation, Set-up, Circulation Rules. In general, for registered students, faculty and staff, VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs & CD ROMS may be borrowed for 7 days. Circulating books (both hardcover and softcover) may be borrowed for 21 days. For alumni, clinic patients, and continuing education students, the borrowing period for audiovisual materials is 5 days, for books – 14 days.


The mission of the College Library is to support the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs and interests of its patrons (faculty, students and staff). In keeping with this mission, the Library provides on-site access to the Internet (wirelessly and at computer work stations located throughout the campus).

This access is primarily designed for educational and research purposes. The purpose of this service is to assist patrons’ independent research by providing increased access to information. Other services, such as games, e-mail, social networking, and chatting, are secondary to this purpose.

The Library is a forum for all points of view, and adheres to the principles of the intellectual freedom as expressed in the Library Bill of Rights formulated by the American Library Association. However, the viewing or transmitting of material generally considered inappropriate or offensive in nature is not permitted in the library.

Loud and disturbing behavior that affects the ability of others to do their work is not permitted, as such the staff requests that no more than two patrons be at an Internet terminal at one time.

Food and drink, including bottled water are prohibited anywhere in the Library, including computer terminals.

Users must comply with the United States copyright laws and all other applicable laws.

Modifying or downloading programs onto Library computers is prohibited without prior permission from Library staff.

All files MUST be saved to a removable (portable) storage device. ANY files saved to the desktop or hard drive will be DELETED! This is for patron privacy and the protection of school computers.
The Library can only offer limited individual Internet instruction and presumes basic computer competence on the part of the patron.

Library staff reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the Internet at the library if a patron acts in manner that is not consistent with, or that is in direct violation of, library policies. Session time allotments, permitted number of sessions per day, and certain activities, may need to be adjusted at the discretion of Library staff to meet the changing needs of the computer users.