Science of Self-Improvement & Wellness

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The Science of Self Improvement and Wellness is an accredited Certificate Program designed to help people identify what they want from their life and career, and then enhance their motivation and skills so they achieve their goals.

The curriculum provides the tools necessary for change and success such as development of an action plan, problem solving and the strengthening of self-esteem. This 24-credit program draws its basic concepts and methodologies from disciplines including: psychology, sociology, communications and career counseling. The program also draws on established techniques of holistic wellness and balance which will help maintain a positive attitude in the work place and outside. It includes courses on verbal and written communication, networking, decision-making and problem-solving, making a first impression, business etiquette, time and money management, fitness and exercise and stress management.

The underlying concepts of this program can benefit everyone –whether they are entering or returning to the workforce, or looking to get ahead in their current position or career. The ability to change is one of our strongest motivators and this program offers a scientific way to achieve change and move toward one’s own personal goals.

Available as a full-time (8 months or 2 trimesters) or part-time (16 months or 4 trimesters) course of study.