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Welcome to our extended family at New York College, a family of students, graduates, patients, volunteers and friends - all supporting the College in our purpose to transform health care through holistic health, education and research.

With your healing powers and healing studies, and your own intuitive self, you have the ability to find within yourself the best way to be a complete healer. You will have other to heal themselves . Hold steadfast in your sense of your talent: what you put out in your healing will return to you. The sense of being able to help someone else is the most gratifying feeling on this planet.
Posted By: Commencement speaker
Shirley Maclaine,
I plan to continue my curriculum in Massage Therapy, Graduate from this program and then move on to Acupuncture. After I become licensed in Acupuncture I may even go into Oriental Medicine. I find this field both rewarding and challenging.
Posted By: Sal Marsala
Massage Therapy student
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