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Welcome to our extended family at New York College, a family of students, graduates, patients, volunteers and friends - all supporting the College in our purpose to transform health care through holistic health, education and research.

I found that New York College was actually the best. Because of its long history promoting holistic health that is the reason I chose this school. The school is like a big Family because you know everybody and it is very homely. It offers you very flexible programs and since I work full time, I needed a part-time schedule and this College just fits very well.
Posted By: Mei-Hua Chen, M.S. /B.P.S., L.Ac.
Oriental Medicine graduate
Your Graduates are taking a major step in becoming a champion of life. Every person is born with a unique combination of gifts and talents. Some are obvious ones, like a superb athlete. Other talents are much less obvious but often much more important.
Posted By: Nick Bollettieri, Legendary Tennis Coach
Commencement Speaker
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