Total OM Review (TOMR)

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TOMR (Total Oriental Medicine Review)

Fall 2013 To better prepare you for the Clinic Entrance/ Exit Exams, the College is offering free review classes.

For Syosset Students:

CourseDayTimeRoom #InstructorDate
Fund & PtsSundays3 − 4:30pm204Lizel StoverSept. 15th
Fund & PtsTuesday12 −3pm107James ShinolOct. 15th
Fund & PtsSaturday12 −3pm204James ShinolOct. 19th
BioMed EntranceWednesday6-8pm106Dr. HashemipourOct. 23rd
BioMed ExitWednesday6-8pm106Dr. HashemipourOct. 30th
BioMed EntranceMonday6-8pm101Dr. Yun LiOct. 28th
BioMed ExitMonday6-8pm101Dr. Yun LiOct. 21th


For Manhattan Students

Fund & PtsThursdays6 −7pm3BDr. Hui WangSept. 19th- Nov. 7th
(8 weeks)